International interpreters collectively express this new style in the French musical tradition.
All the artists, mainly soloists, are highly skilled having qualified from the best schools, such as Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Madrid, Prague, Bratislava, Montreal, Bloomington (USA).
They have gathered around Bernard Wacheux, violnist, conductor, and that the conservatoire « de lilleto » share their passion, their expertise and their vision of music.
Though only recently brought together, this group has already played to a hudge audience in France and Europe as at many leadind concert in the States and Asia.
A strong commitment to taking the French soloists to other continents.
The French soloists are committed to bringing the joy of music to everyone, especially to those who have never heard this type of music before. They want people to discover the magic of a live performance.
One way of achieving this is to give concerts for charity.
Bernard Wacheux's direction brings out the shared passion for a lively and demanding interpretation.
The group's intense practising of chamber music, whether as soloist or as part as an orchestra, combined with their dedication to their vocation, had held them to collectively search deeper for new interpretation of the lively tradition of the French school.
Chamber music to symphonic orchestra shows remarkable diversity from unpublished work to classical favorites.
The French soloists have the ability to play as duets, trios or quartets, or even in the style of Mozart or as a romantic orchestra, whilst maintening their cohesiveness, whatever the masterpiece whoever the composer.
The repertoire is wide, rangng from the discovery and rediscovery of ancient music to the work of contemporary composer.
A willingness to play not only in prestigious locations but also to new audiences.
Part of the fun of performing is being able to play at famous concert to a connoisseur audience but another, large part is to perform at eclectic events, where classical music, jazz, dance and art meet.