Sponsoring this event, you will assure yourself a strong communication and an opportunity to meet the other participants in the Chennai Musical Concert.
You will promote an important artistic event, and then contribute to the cultural life in Chennai. This event would reinforce your corporate image and distance you from the other companies.
In terms of communication, the logo of your company will be present on the invitation cards, concert posters and all communication aids about the Concert. You will also be mentioned as an official partner in the press release (newspapers, radio…), and you will be able to appear in the event (for example through billposting). Everything will be done to insure your company a maximal visibility, in order that you gain more reputation. Moreover, the communication on the Chennai Musical Concert will also take place in France, which can open you new opportunities.
We can arrange an agreement so that you will be able to relay the event in your own retail outlets. Concert seats could be reserved for some employees of your company.
About the sponsoring amount, it could be discussed in function of your possibilities and expectations. For this please contact us.